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    29 May 2015

    Why come on the Dandenong Development 2016 tour?

    In January this year over 70 of our WABL players headed over to Melbourne for the Eltham - Dandenong Basketball Tournament. The tournament is purpoted to be the largest junior basketball tournament in the world and it didn't disappoint! As such we are aiming to send 10 junior teams across again to Melbourne for the tournament next year (January 21-26 2016, sign up here). It's an unmissable trip!
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    22 May 2015

    Our Favourite YouTube Basketball Videos

    In this week's blog we look at some of the best basketball YouTube videos out there. Including Durant breaking some ankles, and effortless behind-the-back assist, 100 points in game for Chamberlain and some hilarious NBA bloopers!
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    24 April 2015

    Our Top 5 Basketball Movies!

    With winter upon us again it’s that time to rug up and watch a good movie! You could watch comedy, chick flicks, action… but here at the Senators we’re keen for you to have basketball on your mind even when you’re relaxing in the comfort of your own home! As such some of the Senators staff have come up with their top basketball movies of all time!
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    10 April 2015

    How to recover effectively after basketball games

    There are few things that compare to the feeling of hitting a basketball court fresh and busting out a great game. In competitive sport, the struggle comes when we have to maintain this level of performance throughout the season. In order to stay strong, fit and fresh, recovery is very important to athletes at every level. Here are some tips to help maintain a strong season.