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    25 September 2015

    Staying hydrated keeps you ahead of your opponent!

    With our summer domestic competitions on the horizon it will soon be heating up on the courts at Warwick Stadium. With this in mind in this edition of the Senators Blog we are exploring what dehydration is and some of the latest research revealing its potential effects on your basketball performance on court.
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    26 June 2015

    On Basketball, Dandenong and Burgers...

    The Dandenong Eltham tournament dates back to 1974. Now it is one of the biggest junior basketball tournaments in the world and is held across over 30 venues. One of the great assets to the tournament is that teams are guaranteed at least 5 games, so there's plenty of court time. I caught up with Paul and asked him to share a bit more about the tournament from his experience as head boys coach...
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    12 June 2015

    Top tips on choosing the best basketball shoes

    This week we get some hot tips on how to buy a pair of basketball shoes from our resident Strength and Conditioning coach, Ben Hutchinson...
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    5 June 2015

    How to make your free throws drop like rain

    In this week’s blog we've got a sports science special. We’re looking at the importance of keeping an external focus of attention when taking free throws by learning a lesson from some hot-off-the-press research into sprint performance.