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    8 April 2016

    Senators works with 12 Buckets

    The Stirling Senators are set to continue its partnership with 12 Buckets, a not-for-profit organisation that believes all children should have the opportunity to flourish regardless of their background or circumstance.
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    30 October 2015

    2 tips for your off-season basketball fitness

    In this edition of the Senators Blog you'll get two tips for structuring your off-season basketball fitness program…
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    16 October 2015

    Is game play enough to get fit for basketball?

    These days it’s the age-old adage that you get fit for basketball by playing basketball no longer holds much traction amongst sport scientists and strength and conditioning coaches. Recent research* took 26 teenage athletes (13-14 years old) and split them into two groups for a 6-week training program...
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    9 October 2015

    Top tips for staying hydrated during basketball

    In the last edition of the Senators blog we explored dehydration and its potential effects on your on court basketball performance. In this edition we follow up with some tips for staying hydrated! With summer on its way we want to make sure you all look after yourselves – particularly if you’re playing in our summer domestic competition!