Winter 2020 Regos are OPEN

 Make sure your team is registered by the Manager first. 

To register to a team using your team code scroll down to the Red Link Players Already with a team.


Read the Domestic Parent Handbook here for more details.



If you are using a smart phone to register please turn the phone landscape to view all the options.


If you are registering a player to a team that is already registered then the link below "players already with a team" is still active to register to your team for the summer comp.

Registration cost is $50 per player ($30 without singlet hire) and then $9.50 per player per game.


There is now a compulsary $30 BWA Fee that is paid yearly to play in any BWA affiliated comp attached to our rego forms


All payments must be made online at the time of registering.

Winter 2020 season starts the 29th April 2020 and finshes the 17th September 2020 - playing through the July Holidays.

Please note you cannot play in a division if you turn the maximum age of the division before 17th September 2020 eg players that turn 12 before 17th September 2020 need to play u14s (not u12s). The age groups and competition days are as follows:

Mondays: u16s 

Wednesdays: u12 , and u18s 

Thursdays: u10s  and u14s 

Fridays: u12s Boys, u12s Girls, u14s Boys, u14s Girls, u16s Boys u16Girls and u18boy and u18 girls 

Saturdays: u10s , u12s , u14s, u16s, u18s 

You can register as a team or an individual.

TEAMS: One person from your team (the manager) will need to register or re-register your team first b.y selecting the day and which division you want to start in

Existing Team: If your team already plays here at Warwick Stadium in the Winter Domestic Comp you can re-register for the Summer Domestic Comp by getting your team manager to register your team on the day you want to play - ie, clikcing on the WEDNESDAY TEAM REGO link below. Your manager will then update your team's details and finish with a confirmation of your team code, this needs to go to your players who will then all register via the "PLAYERS ALREADY WITH A TEAM" link below.

New Team: If you are a new team wanting to play in the Senators Domestic Summer Comp, then please click on the day you wish to play TEAM REGO link below and fill out the team's details and contact information, you will then be given a team code, this then goes to all you players and they click on the "PLAYERS ALREADY WITH A TEAM" link and register to your team.

INDIVIDUALS: If you have not played in the Senators Domestic Comp before or do not have a team to connect with, you will need to register yourself as a new player in the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday depending on which age group you are wanting to play via the "(DAY) _ NEW PLAYER LINK" below on the right. You will be notifed closer to the start date of a team you have been placed into out of other individual players who have registered, parents will need to volunteer as coach of the team and no training is supplied.


Please when in the registration screens and asked which club you would like to join at Warwick Stadium, select "SENATORS DOMESTIC COMPETITION" otherwise you might find yourself in a Senior Competition and playing late at night. :)

Please also note that we do play over the School Holidays, dates are stipulated in the regsitration process

Carefully read our Code of Conduct.

Forfeit Fines -

More than 24 hours' notice - $25 fine

Less than 24 hours' notice - $50 fine

Removing a team from the competition once it has started - $50 fine

All Forfeits need to be called into reception to ensure they are processed and not add additional fines.






   Monday Team Rego  Icon Players already with a team
Icon Wednesday Team Rego  Icon Wednesday Individual Player Rego 
Icon Thursday Team Rego  Icon Thursday Individual Player Rego 
Icon Friday Team Rego  Icon  Friday Individual Player Rego  
 Icon Saturday Team Rego   Icon  Saturday Individual Player Rego