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8 April 2016

Senators works with 12 Buckets

The Stirling Senators are set to continue its partnership with 12 Buckets, a not-for-profit organisation that believes all children should have the opportunity to flourish regardless of their background or circumstance.

Founder and CEO of 12 Buckets, Travis Fitch explains:
"We see our part in this by connecting primary children who need extra support in life and learning to generous-hearted adult mentors capable of sharing what they know, who they know and how to know which road is the right road.

Central to all that we do is the fundamental belief that fullness in life comes when we pour ourselves out for others. This means that all the students we walk alongside are not only growing in various abilities and life-skills but are discovering the joy and importance of being generous with what we have."


Children participating in the 12 Buckets program at Balga, North Balga and Koondoola Primary Schools have the opportunity to grow through one-to-one mentoring, a University Aspiration Program and, now, the basketball program arising out of the partnership with the Senators.

The program began in 2015 after the CEOs of 12 Buckets and the Senators came together to explore the possibility of providing coaches for teams at Balga and North Balga Primary School. As a result, US imports Cassie Bates and Kyle Lindbergh agreed to coach the Balga Rockets and North Balga Rockets respectively.

When asked about the experience, Kyle Lindbergh says:
"Being involved has really challenged me, but also encouraged me to pursue coaching further. Coaching a team … has made me realise how much more there is to basketball than just winning. I have learned to be more invested into the lives of the kids and how important those relationships are compared to the skills that are built."

Kyle says he has a greater understanding of the influence he can have, but it’s not all about what he has to offer the youngsters he coaches; they have also taught him a great deal:
"The kids I have coached have taught me that there is so much more to sport and that at it’s very basic nature, sport is meant to be a joyous experience. These kids … just want to have fun and love to play the game. I have been reminded that regardless of whether you win or lose, or how many points you score, it is such a blessing and privilege to be able to play a game of basketball."

Kyle has not only returned for a further season with the Stirling Senators, but he has taken up an internship with 12 Buckets to oversee the basketball program while he completes his studies in sports management. He will continue to coach the North Balga Rockets, while his wife and fellow US import, Kara Van Dyke, will work with the Balga Rockets:
"I hope the kids grow in their self-esteem and have fun working together in a team. I hope they grow as individuals and build their own confidence. Overall, of course, I hope they have fun together no matter if they win or lose."

This year the basketball partnership will expand to include Koondoola Primary School, and be coached by Cody Ellis who has recently returned to the Stirling Senators after his NBL season with the Illawarra Hawks.


Watch this space for some exciting collaborative events at Warwick Stadium between the Senators and 12 Buckets.