• Let it begin tomo!

    September 30, 2018

    In less than 24 hours, the teams will have completed the opening ceremonies & finished their first day of basketball games against some of the best teams the nation has to offer.  However, Sunday had to happen first!  



    Both teams had their mandatory photo and media sessions before heading into their final training session.  A couple highlights was having Susan for the girls and Jonah from the boys teams flex their muscles in front of the camera - some solid and confident players!!  


    For the girls, they were able to have a nice and deserved sleep in prior to their media session.  Always a great way to start the day!  As for the boys, since it was another early start, they travelled to the city after training & took some time at the South Warf DFO before having a family dinner .... cooked by the parents - thanks parents!  



    Lets make sure there is a heap of positive thoughts coming from all around and wishing the teams the best of luck in their games tomo.  Lets start the tournament off right!  


    Go Senators!